Braques Français

Braque Français

Main features

  • average pursuit
  • strong setting
  • easy to train
  • very sociable and playful

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The French Pyrenees-type Braque is a dog that is both powerful and elegant, active and obedient, alive and soft; a marvel of balance to educate so easily that its fans say he was born "trained". This retriever, as comfortable in ther woods as in the plain, will also be a quiet and very loyal companion dog. His short-haired coat is spotted or speckled brown and white. Its gilded look is intelligent and very gentle.
Intelligent, obedient and very attached to his master, the French Pyrenees-type Braque meets all demands when they will made understood. Moreover, any punishment will prove mostly useless. Watch Out! Undeserved punishment may discourage it for a long time.

Locate us

Élevage de l'Étang du Vert - Stockbreeding & Boarding Kennel - Pointer Specialist - is in Banon (04)
in the Alpes de Haute Provence, in the triangle of Sisteron, Aix-en-Provence and Apt, near Manosque and Forcalquier.
See also the roadmap.

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